Replica Rolex offers a range of classic and professional watches

Discover the Rolex timepieces. Replica Rolex offers a range of classic and professional watches to suit different styles. Explore the wide range of Rolex watches to find timepieces that combine extraordinary design style with practical functions. Keenly aware that people’s lifestyles are constantly changing, especially the increasing popularity of sports and outdoor adventure. This visionary, who would become the founder of Rolex in the next few years, found that pocket watches were hidden in layers of clothing and could not meet the new demands brought about by new trends. With the vision of an entrepreneur, he decided to create wrist-worn timepieces that are reliable and accurate, and will be companions to a dynamic modern life.
One of the main challenges for Hans Wilsdorf was to find a way to protect the watch from the ingress of dust and moisture, which would result in a malfunction or oxidation of the inside of the case. In a 1914 letter, he expressed his intentions to Aegler, a local company in Bill, who would later become the Rolex watchmaker: “We must find a way to make a water-resistant watch.”

In 1922, Rolex introduced the Submarine watch. This watch features an additional outer case on the hinge, with the bezel and crystal screwed tightly into the case, making the outer case waterproof. To wind the watch or adjust the time, the outer case must be opened to gain access to the crown. Hans Wilsdorf was committed to creating completely waterproof and easy-to-use cases, and the Submarine watch was his first step on this path.

Four years later, in 1926, the Oyster case was patented. This patented technology securely fastens the outer ring, bottom cover and winding crown to the middle case, ensuring that the case is tightly seamed, forming a sealing protection for the inside of the watch and protecting the watch from external harmful elements. Hans Wilsdorf named them “Rolex Oyster” and “Rolex Oyster Case” because “the watch can be submerged in water for a long time like an oyster without any damage to the parts. “. This invention is a major breakthrough in the history of watchmaking.

In order to promote the many outstanding qualities of the Rolex Oyster, Hans Wilsdorf decided to promote the watch in an innovative way. He learned that a young secretary from Brighton, England, Mercedes Gleitze, was about to swim across the English Channel. If the plan is successful, she will become the first British woman in history to achieve this major achievement. So Hans Wilsdorf asked her to wear a Rolex Oyster when crossing the Channel to prove that it was completely waterproof. After Gillis struggled to swim in the icy waters and successfully crossed it, a reporter from The Times said in the report: “She is wearing a small gold watch, . . . This watch is still running as usual.”

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